Chá Clube has always been a reference in the city as "the tea house". Indeed, in this very british-like place - in coziness as in the decoration - are served, among others, the uncomparable turkish chocolate cake, the traditional scones with jam and butter, brioches and croissants. And to drink with, you can choose from a variety of teas, a natural juice or a fresh fruit smoothie. All this is served in a linen towel, silver teapots and Spode porcelain.

At lunch, Portugal takes over the kitchen and the environment becomes executive, as we are situated in one of the main business cores of the city. You can also choose our DAILY MENU for 11,00€ with soup, the meat/fish dish, beverage, dessert and coffee.

At night, Chá Clube becomes even more envolving. If you like to gather a group for dinner, exclusively, the mood is very special.